Kaltura: Add chapters to a Kaltura video

Kaltura allows you to mark cue points - or chapters - in your video. This allows for easier navigation of media, particularly lengthy videos. For instance, a one hour recording of a lecture might have a break at the 30 minute mark. Cue points can be added to indicate the start of the second part of the lecture, allowing viewers to easily jump to this chapter.


  • How do I add chapters to my video?


Method 1

  1. Visit My Media in either Canvas or MediaSpace
  2. Click the Edit button for the desired media
  3. Click the Timeline tab
  4. Select the "Create a new Chapter" button (the button that resembles a bookmark)
  5. Add a bookmark:
    • Move the blue bookmark indicator to the point in the media where you want to add a cue point
    • Play the media to the point where you want your cue point to appear, then pause the video and slide the blue bookmark indicator to this point
    • Enter the timecode in the box provided
  6. (optional) Enter a chapter title and description
  7. (optional) Add a thumbnail for this chapter
  8. Click Save

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.