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Kaltura is Oregon State University's video platform. Among its features is the ability add captions to a video. Disability Access Services at Oregon State University will provide captioning services through Kaltura upon request. They have the ability to add captions to any existing videos in Kaltura or can assist in uploading new videos and captioning them. You can contact DAS at 541-737-4098.

In the case of Zoom recordings that have automatically migrated to Kaltura, if automated transcripts were enabled in Zoom, that transcript will migrate into Kaltura as captions for your video.

Refer to this article if your video already has captions and you'd like to edit, download, or delete them.

You can also order automated ("machine") captions through Kaltura.

Professionally produced captions are available through a third-party vendor, 3Play Media, at a preferred rate. You can learn more about their rates and sign up for their service at this link.

If you opt to add your own captions, you can find some best practices for captioning here.


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  • How do I add my own captions to my Kaltura Video?


  1. Visit My Media in either Canvas or MediaSpace
  2. Click the Edit button for the desired media
  3. Click the Captions tab

  1. Click the Upload captions file button
  2. Click the "Browse..." button
  3. Select your captions file (only the SRT and DFXP formats are supported)
  4. Select the corresponding language
  5. Enter a label for this caption (this can be as simple as "English")
  6. Click the Save button

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.

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