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Kaltura is Oregon State University's video platform. In Kaltura, your video carries with it an assortment of information, including a title, description, tags, thumbnails, and much, much, more. Changing and updating all of this information is available through your video's Edit page. To access your video's Edit page, follow the instructions below.


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  • How do I update my video's title/description/tags/information/etc.


  1. Visit My Media in either Canvas or MediaSpace
  2. Click the Edit button for the media in question
    Click the Edit button for the media in question

    Or navigate to the media in question and choose Edit from the ACTIONS menu beneath the media
    Navigate to the media in question and choose Edit from the Actions menu beneath the media

Once you arrive on your video's Edit page, you will find a variety of tabs that will give you the ability to do things like:

Details: Update the name, description, or tags for your video, and change the publishing schedule

Options: Allow viewers of your video to create clips from your video

Collaboration: Add or modify who can control your video, or reassign your video to a new owner

Thumbnails: Change the thumbnail picture that is used for your video

Downloads: Enable or disable whether viewers of your video can download the video

Captions: Upload, edit, or remove/delete captions for your video

Attachments: Add a file to accompany your video

Timeline: Add or edit enhancements to your video like integrated slides, chapters, and bookmarks

Replace Media: Upload a new video to replace this existing video, while not losing the link, information, or analytics associated with this video

Here you will also find the button to Launch Editor, the Kaltura Editor.

This is also where you will be able to download your video.

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk.


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