Canvas: Section functionality in merged or crosslisted Canvas courses


Canvas is Oregon State University's Learning Management System. Instructors with merged or crosslisted courses in Canvas have new features in Canvas. Here are a handful of the most useful features:

  • View which section of the course a student is enrolled in. For instance, in People or Grades in Canvas, faculty with a crosslisted course can see whether a student is in the undergraduate 400-level section or the 500-level section of a crosslisted course. The section name displays the student's actual section information, followed by the crosslisted Canvas course name.
  • Assign differential due dates to individual sections. This is similar to assigning due dates to individual students; the course sections now appear in the “Assign To” field on Canvas assignments, quizzes and discussions.
  • Create a graduate student-only assignment (for crosslisted courses)
  • Filter the Canvas gradebook and SpeedGrader by Sections.
  • Send messages and announcements to specific sections.
  • Limit TA, CanvasTA, and Grader views to specific sections.
    • When adding an individual to a Canvas course through the "Add TA..." tool, select only the section(s) you want the individual to have access to.

Learn more about Canvas Roles and Permissions

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Enable Course Merge tool in Settings >> Navigation; click Course Merge in course menu to select courses to merge/un-merge
Crosslisted courses are created by indicating crosslisting of the courses in Banner.