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Canvas is Oregon State University's Learning Management System.

Create Content

Canvas has five types of content that can be created and/or managed. These five content types are assignments, discussions, files, pages, and quizzes. Learn about each type from the Canvas Guides:

Organize Content in Modules

After creating content in your course, you should organize the content in Canvas Modules. It is typical to organize content into weekly modules. Learn how to create modules and add content from the Canvas Guides or watch our videos on Modules:

Manage your Course Settings

Finally, you should adjust your course settings to hide course menu items that are not used or that should be hidden from students. Additionally, you can select a different home page for your course:

Still have questions?

If you questions about this topic or related topics, please use one of the following methods to contact the Canvas team at Oregon State:

  • Add a comment/question to this article using the tools below the article
  • Send an email to


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