Exchange Online - Phone Not Syncing


  • My phone is not syncing with my Exchange email or calendar


  • Oregon State University
  • Exchange Email
  • Phone (or mobile device)
  • Exchange ActiveSync


Exchange ActiveSync issues can have various causes. The following methods may help resolve them.

Method 1 - Remove and Re-Add Profile

Often the first best step is to remove the Exchange profile from your mobile device and then re-add it:

Method 2 - Remove ActiveSync Devices from Exchange

There is a limit to the number of ActiveSync devices that you can have associated with your OSU Exchange account. Follow these steps to remove unneeded devices.

  1. Go to and select "Login to Outlook"
  2. Select the gear icon in the upper-right for Settings
  3. Select "View All Outlook Settings"
  4. Select General -> Mobile Devices
  5. Select a device to remove and click the Delete button
  6. Click Save when done

Note: If you remove a device you are currently using with Exchange, you will need to remove and re-add your profile on that device. See Method 1 above.


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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