What is a Service Desk?


  • What is a Service Desk?


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Beginning Summer 2016, University Information & Technology (UIT) has implemented a Service Desk based on ITIL best practices for IT Service Management.

The Service Desk is the main point of contact for help with all services provided to campus by UIT. Students, employees, and associates may contact the Service Desk by phone, email, or walk-up.

The name "Service Desk" is an ITIL-based, industry standard for a single point of contact for service requests and incidents. The name implies that the scope of services provided is broad, and that is exactly the intent.

The Service Desk is part of the UIT Customer Experience department.

Who are we?

There are about 10 full time staff and about 80 student workers that make up the Service Desk today. Student workers are always supervised by full-time staff, and you may request escalation or transfer to a full-time staff member if you prefer. However, our student workers are highly skilled and receive extensive training. Additionally, student workers enable us to provide more coverage during evenings and weekends.

What is Community Network?

Community Network - also known as "CN" - is the name of the desktop support service provided by UIT Customer Experience to about half the employees on campus, including most administrative units and many academic departments. In 2016, the staff who provided support for Community Network and the staff from the OSU Computer Helpdesk were combined to provide a single tier 1 support team and form the basis for the Service Desk.

What Happened to the OSU Computer Helpdesk?

All of the services that were provided by the OSU Computer Helpdesk are now provided by the Service Desk. All of the former email addresses and phone numbers for the OSU Computer Helpdesk will continue to route to the Service Desk.

Who Can Use the Walkup Service?

Note: the Service Desk walkup service is currently by appointment only due to Covid-19. For more information, please see: http://beav.es/help

Employees, students, and associates are welcome to come to the walk-up in Milne Computer Center 201 or call for assistance with their IT needs. The walk-up is a particularly good place to get help setting up wireless connectivity or email setup on a smart phone. We support both personal devices and university-owned devices. In some cases we may need to refer a customer to a department IT group if the request requires their assistance.


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