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  • How do I install SAS?
  • How do I uninstall SAS?
  • How do I renew my SAS license?


  • Oregon State University
  • Employee or Student
  • Windows, Mac or Linux
  • SAS

License Restrictions

SAS is licensed for all current OSU students and employees, and can be installed on personal devices via self-service. You do not need to request access to install SAS. 


Note: The SAS installation can take hours to complete, and may require a restart. We recommend closing all applications before you start. You will need local administrator access to your computer to complete the install.

If connecting from off campus, make sure to connect to the Campus VPN in order to access the software server.

Method 1 - Windows Home, MacOS, or Linux

If you are using Windows Home, macOS or Linux, you need to install the SAS University Edition. You can download and install the software or launch it in the cloud via Amazon Web Services.


Method 2 - Windows

Install Steps

  1. Connect to the OSU VPN if you are not on-campus
  2. Run the installer:
    1. Click on the Start menu and type the following in the search\run box: \\\software
    2. Enter your ONID username and password if prompted
    3. Select the SAS folder
    4. Select the folder for the version you would like to install, for example "SAS 9.4 TS1M5 64-bit"
    5. Right-click the file setup.exe and choose Run as Administrator
    6. If you receive a User Account Control prompt saying "This file is from an untrusted location," enter your local administrator username and password and click Yes
  3. Installer options:
    1. Choose language when prompted
    2. Wait a few minutes while the SAS Deployment Wizard runs
    3. Select Install SAS Software and click Next
    4. Accept the default install location and click Next
    5. Select Install SAS Foundation and Related Software and click Next
    6. Select at least the following check boxes (you can uncheck or check other items, depending on what you need):
      • SAS Foundation
      • SAS PC Files Server
    7. Click Next
    8. Select the SAS Foundation Products you wish to install and click Next
    9. On the Specify SAS Installation Data File, the installer should find the path to the license file; if not, the path is: 
      \\\software\SAS\SAS Licenses\SAS 9.4\
    10. Select or de-select languages as needed and click Next
    11. Select regional settings and click Next
    12. On the "Select SAS PC Files Server System Service Option" screen, make sure "Start Service Now and Automatically when Windows Starts" is selected and click Next
    13. Leave the port number set to 9621 and click Next
    14. The installer will state how much hard drive space is required and how much is available; click Next
    15. On the Deployment Summary page, click Start
    16. On the Deployment Complete screen, you should see a green check mark next to each item as it is installed
      • The installer can take an hour or more to complete installing all components
    17. On the Select Support Option screen, choose "Send" or "Do not Send" and click Next
    18. Click Finish

License Renewal

  1. Close SAS.
  2. Under Start -> Programs -> SAS -> Utilities, open "Renew SAS Software" as an administrator (right click -> run as admin). This renewal file may also be found in C:\Program Files\SASHome\x86\.
  3. Find the SAS installation data (SID) that corresponds to your version of SAS under \\\software\SAS\SAS Licenses
  4. Click next and verify the operating systems and SAS products.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Renew.
  7. If successful, "The setinit was successfully applied." should be displayed.
    1. If unsuccessful, a log file will be generated indicating what caused it to fail.

Uninstall Steps

  1. Press the Windows key and enter: Add or Remove Programs
  2. Search for SAS
  3. Click on SAS 9.4 and select Uninstall
  4. Enter your local administrator username and password when prompted
  5. Select a language when prompted; the Deployment Manager will start
  6. Choose Select All to remove all products (or select the products to remove)
  7. Click Next
  8. Select Yes to stop the SAS PC Files Server Service
  9. When initialization has completed, click Next
  10. Click Start to run the uninstaller
  11. When all components have uninstalled, click Next and Finish

For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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