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  • How do I license SPSS Modeler?
  • How do I install SPSS Modeler?
  • How am I allowed to use SPSS Modeler?


  • Oregon State University
  • Student
  • Employee
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux

License Restrictions:

This license for SPSS Modeler is only to be used for academic instruction and cannot be used for commercial purposes.


  1. Go to https://www.ibm.com/products/spss-modeler
  2. Click on “Get your student edition”.
  3. Click on “Register Now” unless you already have an IBM account tied to your ONID email address.
  4. Once signed in, it should go to the IBM Academic Initiative page.
  5. Under "Most popular topics covered, click "See all".
  6. Find the card labeled "Data Science" and click "Learn more".
  7. Click on the "Software" tab and find "SPSS Modeler Premium".
  8. Download the appropriate version (Mac or Windows).
  9. Click "Request an SPSS Authorization Code”. This will be needed during the installation process.
  10. Install the software.

For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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