Using a Classroom Document Camera in Zoom


  • How to use the classroom document camera in Zoom when teaching a blended course to in-person and remote students. 


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Getting Started

When using the document camera in a blended or online classroom, there are some initial settings that you need to set before starting your presentation.

1. Before beginning your Zoom session, always make sure the Crestron source is set to Computer. 

2. Next, power on the document camera, but do not change the Crestron source. You will change this option within Zoom once the session has started. 

Note: Before you begin your class, make sure your Zoom settings are optimized for the document camera. 

3. Open the Zoom application using the Zoom icon on the desktop 

4. Click the Settings icon in the top-right corner of the  Zoom application main window

  • Select Video from the list on the left side of the Settings window 
  • Next to My Video:
    • Click the check-box to Enable HD 
    • Disable the check-box for Mirror my video

Caution: If you don't disable the Mirror my video option, text will look reversed to students in the classroom. 

5. Start the Zoom session. 


Use Document Camera as Primary Video Source in Zoom

You may change the video source from the default installed classroom camera to the document camera in the video settings. 

1. Click the Video Camera icon in Zoom

  • Select Source: Wolf Vision UVC camera


Share Document Camera as Content Source in Zoom

Additionally, you can choose to broadcast the default installed default camera and the document camera in Zoom. 

1. Click the Share Screen icon in Zoom

  • Select the 'Advanced' tab
  • Select 'Content from 2nd Camera'
  • Select 'Optimize Screen Sharing for Video Clip'
  • Click 'Share'

Now your remote students can choose to see you and your content either as a side-by-side or picture-in-picture view. 

Note: Use the 'Switch Camera' button so that your in-class students will see the document camera projected in the classroom. 

Consult the following tutorial for a video demonstrating these functions.


Still have questions?

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