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1. Once you've started your Zoom session, click the SHARE SCREEN button to get started.

2. Under the Basic Tab, you will see options to share:

  • Your entire Desktop using the Screen button, or;
  • Any individual software applications you have open. 

3. Under the Advanced Tab, select the Content from Second Camera to share the Document Camera.

Note: We suggest sharing the specific individual application, such as Powerpoint, and not using the Desktop option. The Desktop option shares your entire screen, including all open applications making it difficult for students to focus on your content. Using the specific application displays only the content you wish to share. 

4. To share audio or video, check both the Share Computer Sound box, AND Optimize Screen Sharing for Video Clip box.

Note: Video playback through Zoom can be unstable, and remote students may experience poor video quality. We don't recommend sharing video unless it's a short clip. Instead, consider sharing video with your students asynchronously in your Canvas site. 

5. Once you've chosen the application, be sure select the SHARE button. 

  • The classroom projector is setup to mirror the installed computer, so your In-Person students will see EXACTLY what YOU see at the teaching station.
  • Remote students will only see what you've selected to share.

6. Once content sharing begins, use the toolbar to:

  • Pause -or- Stop Sharing using the corresponding buttons
  • Access meeting controls under the MORE button
  • Share a new application using New Share button.

Consult the following tutorial for a video demonstrating these functions.

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