Getting Started with Zoom in the Classroom


  • How to start a Zoom session using the installed classroom technology


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1. Log into the installed computer and turn on the in-room technology system using the Crestron panel.

Note: In order to use the classroom technology for remote instruction in Zoom, you must use the installed computer. A personal device will not work with the installed camera and microphones.

2. Once the system has turned on, select COMPUTER or PC on the Crestron panel.

  • This ensures your in-person students and remote students see and hear the same thing.

3. Open the Zoom application from the desktop, click Sign In.  Choose Sign In with SSO.

4. Type 'oregonstate' as your company domain.

5. Enter your ONID name and password on the OSU login screen, and authenticate with DUO to sign in.

6. Click on the Meetings tab at the top of the zoom application window, Select your meeting, and hit the Start button to begin your class session.


Note: Source names in Zoom can vary by classroom, so we recommend testing and verifying your source selections.

8.Test the audio using the TEST SPEAKER AND MICROPHONE option.

9. Test the camera using the VIDEO SETTINGS option. 

10. Lastly, double check that your remote students can see and hear you, and you can hear them in the classroom.

Consult the following tutorial for a video demonstrating these functions.

Still have questions?

To learn more about support and training resources for remote and blended instruction, visit the Teaching Faculty website:

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