Qualtrics: Canvas Embedded Data in Qualtrics

Using the Qualtrics integration in Canvas, instructors can have Canvas automatically provide specific course information to each survey response. For example, a faculty member may deploy a single survey to multiple courses, and Qualtrics will collect the course information for each student response. The available Canvas data elements are as follows:

  • course code (e.g. TST_101_001_W2020)
  • section number (the same as course code, unless the course is crosslisted or merged and contains multiple sections)
  • assignment name

To configure Qualtrics surveys to automatically collect Canvas data from surveys deployed in Canvas, there are two necessary tasks. First create Embedded Data fields in Qualtrics. Second, in Canvas, align the Qualtrics Embedded Data fields with the desired Canvas data elements. The information below will briefly outline the steps for these two tasks.

Create Embedded Data fields in Qualtrics survey

Embedded Data fields for collecting the Canvas data need to be configured on the Qualtrics Survey before Qualtrics Embedded Data fields can be aligned with Canvas data elements. 

  1. Log in to OSU Qualtrics
  2. Navigate to survey in Qualtrics
  3. From the Survey Edit screen, select Survey Flow
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "+ Add a New Element Here"
  5. Select the Embedded Data element type.
  6. In the 'New Field or Choose From Dropdown' box, type a name to identify what Canvas data element will be collected e.g., Canvas Course Code
    • Click Add a New Field and repeat step 6 for each Canvas data element that should be collected
  7. Move the Embedded Data block to the top of the Survey Flow
  8. Click Save Flow once the desired Embedded Data fields have been created
  9. Update the Survey by clicking Publish

Align Qualtrics Embedded Data fields with Canvas data elements

Once Embedded Data collection has been enabled on the Qualtrics survey, the survey can be imported into Canvas and available Canvas Data elements can be aligned with the Embedded Data fields in the Qualtrics Survey.

  1. Log in to OSU Canvas
  2. Click on Account in the top left corner of Canvas
  3. Click Qualtrics in the flyout menu
  4. Click +Add Survey in the top right corner of the screen
  5. Locate and select the survey you would like to import into Canvas
  6. Click Add Survey at the bottom of the survey list
  7. Review and adjust the Survey set-up 
  8. Click the Data Fields tab; the name(s) given in step 6 in the "Create Embedded Data fields in Qualtrics Survey" instructions above should automatically appear on the tab.
  9. For each Qualtrics Data Field:
    1. Select Fixed for the Type of Data Field
    2. Select the corresponding Canvas Field that should be collected
    3. Toggle the 'Enabled for survey selection' ON
  10. Click Save or Save and enable to save your settings
  11. Click the Return to survey overview link located immediately below the Your Surveys heading in the header bar

Still have questions?

If you questions about this topic or related topics, please use one of the following methods to contact the Canvas team at Oregon State:

  • Add a comment/question to this article using the tools below the article
  • Send an email to Canvas@oregonstate.edu


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