Update Personal Directory Information (Address, Phone, Directory)


  • How do I update my address, phone and email on record?
  • How do I change my Directory Information from http://directory.oregonstate.edu/ ?
  • How do I use the Personal Information page?


  • Student or employee



Student can use this website to change their personal information on record and in the directory.

This service is accessible by searching either "View/Update Address and phone" or "Directory Profile" in BeaverHub.  

Direct link: https://prodapps.isadm.oregonstate.edu/BannerGeneralSsb/ssb/personalInformation#/personalInformationMain


For instructions on updating your name, email address, phone number or other information in directory.oregonstate.edu or the MyOregonState portal, see:  Campus Directory Profile: Information for Faculty and Staff 


Make changes to information

To make changes to each section:

  • Click the pencil icon below information to edit it.
  • Click the trash can to delete information.
  • Click the plus arrow on the right to add more information.
  • If information cannot be changed with these buttons then the request must be made through another website or group.


Personal Information

Here you can see your name, birthday, pronouns and gender on record. You can update your gender and pronouns, but not your name or birthday.

Change your name here: Guide: Change Name or Email Address


Email and Phone Number

Here you can add alternative contact emails and phone numbers. These are generally used by university systems to get in contact with you as necessary (such as through an IT help ticket) but are NOT your recovery email for your account. The Phone number listed on record may appear in your directory based on your settings - the alternative email will not.

Change ONID account recovery information here:  ONID - Update Your Account Recovery Info



You can update Mailing Address, Financial Aid Address, and other addresses. These are important for university payment and billing information.

If a Vendor Address needs to be updated, added or removed then send an email to vendors@oregonstate.edu. These often cannot be changed by the user.


Emergency Contact

Here you can add emergency contacts in case of emergency, the university will know who to reach out to.


Additional Details

Here you can change your listed Ethnicity, and Veteran or Disability status.


Directory Profile

By clicking "Directory Profile" at the bottom of this page, you can choose some of what information shows up on the OSU directory.

Access the directory here: http://directory.oregonstate.edu/



For technical help with this process, contact the service desk Get Help from the Service Desk

For questions about changing personal records, student should contact the office of the registrar: Registrar Contact Us and employees contact HR: Campus Directory Profile: Information for Faculty and Staff


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