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Canvas is Oregon State University's Learning Management System. The 'Add TA...' tool in Canvas can be used to add OSU individuals to Canvas courses as teaching assistants (CanvasTA), graders, designers or observers. Learn more about the differences between these roles and permissions. The tool also allows faculty using a combined or crosslisted Canvas course to add individuals to specific sections within the combined or crosslisted course.

Only OSU individuals can be added to Canvas courses through the tool.

Adding a CanvasTA or Grader

You will not be able to add an individual as a CanvasTA or Grader until they have completed FERPA trainng through the Registrar's Office. Learn more about how to complete FERPA training for employees and non-employees. The Registrar's Office can verify whether an individual has completed FERPA training. Once the individual has completed FERPA training and it has been recorded by the Registrar's Office, the instructor can add the OSU individual as a CanvasTA or Grader using the instructions below.

Instructions for Using 'Add TA...' Tool

  1. Log in to Canvas. Be sure you are using the following URL to access Canvas:
  2. Navigate to the course to which you want to add a teaching assistant.
  3. Click 'Add TA...' in the Canvas course menu. See instructions below if the 'Add TA...' tool is not visible in the course menu.
  4. Click the Add Assistants tab and enter the ONID Username in the field for the individual you want to add, or use the dropdown menus to search for the individual a different way, and click Search.
  5. Click on the appropriate role for the individual (i.e. CanvasTA, Designer, Grader, or Observer). A list of the available sections will be generated and you will be directed to select the section(s) to add the individual. NOTE: If the Registrar's Office has not recorded a user's FERPA training, the CanvasTA and Grader buttons will not be available, and instead will be replaced with a "Train for TA" button.
  6. Select the section(s) to which you want to add the individual and click "OK". Wait for the tool to process the request.
  7. Click "Got it!" after it completes. You will be redirected back to the main page of the "Add TA..." tool.
  8. From the main page of the tool, you can use the drop-down menu to switch between sections to review who was added to which section. You can also review this information on the People page of the Canvas course.

Enable 'Add TA...' tool in course menu

If the 'Add TA...' tool is not visible in the course menu and the course is not a past-term course use the instructions below to enable the tool. If the course is a past-term course, please contact, provide the Canvas course code (e.g. TST_101_001_W2020) and request that the tool be re-enabled.

  1. Log in to Canvas and navigate to the course
  2. Click Settings in the course menu
  3. Click the Navigation tab near the top center of the page
  4. Locate the 'Add TA...' tool in the disabled tools section (bottom portion of the page)
  5. Enable the 'Add TA...' tool by dragging/dropping it into the top section or clicking the three dots to the right of the tool and selecting Enable
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save

ONID Username

Using a person's ONID username will ensure that you are adding the correct person with the Add TA tool. If you aren't able to ask the person for their ONID username, you can generally find their ONID username through the Oregon State University Search page. You can enter the person's OSU email (e.g., or name into the search field, and look for a match in the People box located on the right side of the screen. If the correct person is listed in the People box, click their name to view their online directory page where the ONID username will be listed at the bottom of their record.

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