ReadSpeaker: Removed from Canvas on June 14, 2022

What is happening?

The ReadSpeaker tools, including the ReadSpeaker screen reader and TextAid, will be removed from Canvas on June 14, 2022. The majority of the functionality provided by these tools is now provided by the Alternative Formats available through the Ally integration in Canvas. Learn more about Ally and Accessibility in Canvas.

Actions Faculty May Need to Take

Many faculty provided a link to ReadSpeaker TextAid in their modules in Canvas. These links will be broken after the tools are removed from Canvas. Please remove any ReadSpeaker TextAid links in your Canvas modules and consider replacing them with a link to information about Ally Alternative Formats for students.

Still have questions?

If you questions about this topic or related topics, please use one of the following methods to contact the Canvas team at Oregon State:

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