Adobe Creative Cloud - 7-Day Trial Message/Ask Administrator For Permissions/Activation Failed


  • I am logged into Adobe Creative Cloud, but I see a 7-day trial message when I run Acrobat or other Creative Cloud apps.
  • I am being prompted for an administrator to grant access to Adobe Apps.
  • I am receiving activation errors when trying to open Adobe CC apps.


  • Oregon State University
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Named User License


This issue can have a number of different causes. Try the troubleshooting steps below in order to resolve.

You may need assistance from your IT department or the Service Desk to complete some steps.


Login to Adobe

  1. Before proceeding with the troubleshooting steps, log into
  2. Check to see what licenses show as available to you here (all CC apps, Acrobat only, etc). If you see the correct licenses available here, proceed to the "Adobe CC Desktop App Only" section below.
  3. If you aren't seeing the licenses on that you expect to see - proceed to the "Account Troubleshooting" section.

Adobe CC Desktop App Only

These steps are for troubleshooting the login to the Adobe CC desktop app only.

Log in using ONID email and password, under a personal account

After entering the customer's ONID email address, you will be prompted to either sign in under a work/school account or a personal account. Be sure to choose personal account.

Log out and log back in to Creative Cloud

Ensure you are logged in to Creative Cloud with your account.

Clear Cache

These steps adapted from:

On a Mac:

  1. Log out of the Creative Cloud App.
  2. Close all Adobe processes in Activity Monitor
  3. Delete the following (Not all of these folders will exist, just delete them if they are there):
    NOTE: ~/Library and /Library are two different locations. Make sure both are checked.
    • ~/Library/application support/adobe/SLstore
    • ~/Library/application support/adobe/slcache
    • ~/Library/application support/adobe/oobe
    • ~/Library/application support/adobe/opm.db
    • /Library/application support/adobe/SLstore
    • /Library/application support/adobe/slcache
    • /Library/application support/adobe/oobe
    • /Library/application support/adobe/opm.db
  4. Launch the Adobe Creative Cloud app and login.
  5. Try your app again

On Windows:

  1. Log out of the Creative Cloud App.
  2. Close all Adobe processes in Task Manager
  3. Rename the following files:
    • Rename "C:\ProgramData\Adobe\SLStore" to "SLStore.old"
    • Rename "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\SLCache" to "SLCache.old"
    • Rename "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Adobe\OOBE\" to "OOBE.old"
  4. Launch the Adobe Creative Cloud app and login.
  5. Try your app again

If the above steps don't work, try the following:

  1. Locate the ServiceConfig.xml file:
    Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\OOBE\Configs\ServiceConfig.xml
    Mac OS: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE/Configs/ServiceConfig.xml
  2. Open the XML file in a text editor.
  3. Replace all mentions of "false" with "true" (without quotes).
  4. Reboot the computer and try accessing the apps panel.

Reinstall and use Cleaner Tool

  1. Uninstall all Adobe Creative Cloud apps
  2. Run the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner tool
  3. Reinstall Creative Cloud apps
  4. Launch the Adobe Creative Cloud app and login
  5. Try your app again

Fix Connection Issues to Activation Servers

If you computer is unable to connect to Adobe's license activation servers, the software will be unable to confirm your activation status. For detailed troubleshooting steps, see:

Acrobat Only Troubleshooting

If you have a full CC license and all of the apps except for Acrobat are working as expected, proceed below:

  1. Check the Acrobat version.
    1. If running Acrobat 2017, uninstall Acrobat via the Control Panel or through the CC app itself.
    2. Reinstall Acrobat DC via the Adobe CC app.
  2. If Acrobat is DC, try logging out of Acrobat and logging back in - this should force it to recheck the license and authenticate correctly.

Account Troubleshooting

These steps are for when you are missing the expected licenses (full CC, Acrobat only) listed on

  1. If you believe you should already be licensed, please contact and mention what licenses you are missing.
  2. If you need to purchase an Adobe CC license, use the form located here:

Contact Adobe Support

For OSU Adobe Enterprise accounts, the Service Desk can open a support ticket with Adobe. 

For assistance, contact the Service Desk.

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