CN - What is an LRP?

The Local Resource Person (LRP) serves as a liaison between their department and Community Network (CN). The LRP notifies CN when changes need to be made to accounts, mailboxes or file permissions. Often the LRP notifies CN when a computer needs to be setup or reloaded, but these requests can also come from anyone in the department.

CN will coordinate with the LRP on any communications or projects that impact the entire department, such as service changes or department office moves.

Note: A unit head can make any approve all of the same types of requests that an LRP does. The LRP can be a unit head or another designated person.

CN Workflows Requiring Approvals


Approval Needed

New full account

LRP or Unit head

New resource account/mailbox

None (LRP will be notified)

Account terminations

LRP or Unit head

Account migration to another department

LRP or Unit head

Account directory changes (e.g. Title, Department)

None; CN will coordinate with Business Center or Telecom

New distribution list


New email contact


New Restricted Share

None (LRP will be notified)

Modify Restricted Share access

LRP, Unit head, or restricted share owner

Modify Shared Mailbox access

LRP, Unit head, or shared mailbox owner

Forward mail out of Exchange

LRP or Unit head

Preservation request for email or files

HR or Office of General Counsel

Machine build or rebuild


Hardware recommendation request





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