Namecoach: Use Namecoach in Canvas to record name pronunciation and set pronouns

Namecoach is a tool that allows you to record your name pronunciation and set your pronouns. The recording and pronouns will be available and visible to others in the course.

  1. You can access Namecoach in any Canvas course menu where the tool has been enabled*, or in your Canvas profile.
    • To access your profile, click the Account button at the top-left corner of the Canvas screen, then click Profile > Namecoach Recording Tool
  2. Click Record Name (or Edit this recording if you have already have a name recording) next to your name at the top of the Namecoach window.
    • Entering pronouns and honorifics through the Canvas Account button will not populate in Canvas. Pronouns and honorifics must be set for each Canvas course you want them to appear in.
    • If you have already recorded your name and want to add your pronouns or honorific, navigate to a Canvas course site with Namecoach enabled, and edit your course Namecoach. You do not need to re-record your name in the course.
  3. Select Web Recorder to record from your computer, or enter your phone number.
  4. Click the square Record button and follow the prompts to record; click the square Record button again to stop recording
    • Replay / re-record as needed
  5. When ready, click Submit and Finish to save your recording. The recording is available in all of your Canvas courses; pronouns must be set for each course.

If you experience any technical issues with this tool, please contact for assistance.

*For Instructors: If Namecoach is not currently enabled in your Canvas course, go to Settings in your Course menu, then click on the Navigation tab. Find Namecoach in the list of tools and enable it. Be sure to click Save at the bottom of the page.

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