Gradescope: Grading and posting grades


  • How do I grade assignments in Gradescope and post grades to Canvas? 


  • Oregon State University
    • Faculty
      • Canvas
      • Gradescope


Gradescope can grade bubble sheet assignments automatically, based on the answer key you provided. When grading other types of assignments, there are a few tips that may be helpful to you:  

  1. Grading a simple question

  2. Grading even faster with keyboard shortcuts

  3. Advanced grading options

  4. Annotations and advanced navigation

  5. AI-assisted grading. 

After you are done grading, and when you are at the Review Grades step,  

Click on “Publish Grades” and then click on “Post Grades to Canvas” 

Note: There are other reports you can see in this “Review Grade” step. This video shows you the details on downloading and publishing grades. You can also review assignment statistics