Gradescope: Instructor-submitted group assignments

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Gradescope currently does not directly support instructor-submitted group assignments. The following steps allow an instructor to achieve the desired result. Start by setting up a Gradescope assignment as an instructor-uploaded assignment, then use the following steps:

  1. On the Edit Outline page, draw the name region box around the space where the first student in each group writes their name
  2. On the Manage Scans page, scan and upload one submission for each group of students. The first student in each group should be automatically assigned to the submission on the Manage Submissions page.
  3. Go to the assignment Settings page (click “Settings” in the left side bar). 
  4. Under “who will upload submissions”, select “Student” and then check “Enable group submissions.” Set the release and due date to be far in the future (ideally after the course ends), so that students don't see this assignment on their accounts until grades are published. Click Save.  
  5. After you've saved, go back to the assignment’s settings page and change “who will upload submissions” back to “Instructor”.
  6. On the Manage Submissions page, click on each name, and in the bottom action bar, click ‘Group Members' to add the other group members.***
  7. Grade the submissions as usual. The score and rubric items for each submission will be applied to all group members.

***Note: When you add students to a group (step 6), the students will automatically receive an email notifying them that they were added to the group. Consider letting your students know about the possibility of receiving an email and let them know they can ignore the email.