Canvas: Request a Canvas Studio site


Canvas is Oregon State University's Learning Management System. Studio sites are a great training platform for OSU faculty, staff, and students. They can also be used for teams who collaborate online and need tools such as Announcements, Surveys, Quizzes, and Discussions. If you simply need to share and edit documents with colleagues, Google Drive, Google Sites, or Office 365 are better options. If your academic unit shares Canvas course files, assignments, lecture slides or even entire course sites with other instructors, take a look at Canvas Commons. This is a repository for sharing and finding learning objects.

With the following exceptions, there is no functional difference between a Canvas studio site and a Canvas course site.

  • Studio site leaders can add and remove users; course teachers cannot add or remove students.
  • Studio sites are not limited to a term; course sites will become 'read-only' after the term ends.

Request a Canvas Studio Site

  1. Log into Canvas at
  2. Click the Account button and then the Settings link in the upper-left corner of the Canvas screen
  3. Click the My Studio Sites link on the upper left side of your Settings page
  4. Click Request a new Studio Site
  5. Complete the form and click 'Submit'
  6. On the next page, ensure the site details are correct
    1. If not, click 'Edit' to return to step 5
    2. Otherwise, click 'Submit'
  7. Your new site will be created, and a link to the site will appear near the top of the page

Still have questions?

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