Canvas: Add OSU individual(s) to a Canvas Studio site


Canvas is Oregon State University's Learning Management System. Individuals with active ONID credentials can be added to Canvas Studio site through one of two methods, the +People button on the People page or through the Studio site Modify tool.

Add Users with +People Button

Any individual with the Leader role in a Studio site can use the +People button located on the People page of a Studio site to add individuals, up to 100 at a time, in any Canvas role. Individuals added through the +People button will be sent an invitation to join the Studio site and they must accept the invitation to fully participate. Steps for adding users through the +People button are listed here:

  1. Click the People link on the Studio site’s left-side navigation menu
  2. Click the "+ People" button in the upper right corner
  3. Click the “Login ID” button
  4. Enter the login ID in the following format:
  5. Select a Canvas role. Typically you will select either Teacher or Student for a Studio site
  6. Click Next which will direct you to a verification screen
  7. Click Done once you have verified the correct person/people have been selected

Canvas Guide: Ho do I add users to a course?

Add Users with Studio Site Modify Tool

Only the owner of a Studio site can use the Modify tool for a given Studio site. This tool can be used to bulk enroll large numbers of individuals as students to the Studio site. Individuals added through the Modify tool will NOT be sent an invitation to join the Studio site and do not need to accept the invitation. Steps for adding users through the Modify tool are listed here:

  1. Log into Canvas at
  2. Click the Account button and then the Settings link in the upper-left corner of the Canvas screen
  3. Click the My Studio Sites link on the upper left side of your Settings page
  4. Click Modify in the row corresponding to the Studio site you wish to modify
  5. Select Add Students in the top box that appears to the right of the Studio site list
  6. Select Manual Entry or Upload File as desired
    • For Manual Entry, enter the email addresses for all users to be added/removed, separated by commas, with no spaces.  Then click "Submit".
    • For Upload File, click 'Browse' and select your CSV file with the ONID email addresses for all users to be added.  The email addresses should be arranged vertically in a single column, and no other information should be present in the file.  Once the file has been selected, click "upload".

This process can take some time for very large files, and the session may time out during processing.  If that occurs, check the course enrollments to see if the action failed.  If so, return to the tool and try again, or contact support for further assistance.

Still have questions?

If you questions about this topic or related topics, please use one of the following methods to contact the Canvas team at Oregon State:

  • Add a comment/question to this article using the tools below the article
  • Send an email to


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