Canvas: Change/Transfer ownership of a Canvas studio site


Canvas is Oregon State University's Learning Management System. You can transfer ownership of a Canvas studio site to an OSU colleague using the following steps:

  1. Log into Canvas at
  2. Click the Account button and then the Settings link in the upper-left corner of the Canvas screen
  3. Click the My Studio Sites link on the upper left side of your Settings page
  4. Click Modify in the row corresponding to the site you wish to modify
  5. Verify that the Studio site name that you wish to transfer ownership is appended to the "Enrollment options for" sentence in the first box that appears to the right of the Studio site list
  6. Locate the Transfer ownership: box (second box that appears to the right of the Studio site list)
  7. Enter the ONID email address for the individual to whom you wish to transfer ownership
  8. Click Transfer
  9. Click OK to verify that you want to transfer ownership

You should receive a message confirming the transfer was successful.

It is possible for an action to fail due to the session timing out or becoming invalid in some other fashion.  Whenever you experience an unexpected failure, navigate away from the tool and return.  If the action still fails, contact support for further assistance.

Still have questions?

If you questions about this topic or related topics, please use one of the following methods to contact the Canvas team at Oregon State:

  • Add a comment/question to this article using the tools below the article
  • Send an email to


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