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Canvas is Oregon State University's Learning Management System. The Canvas Gradebook has significant functionality through the various menus and buttons available on the Grades page.

Functionality in Canvas Gradebook

The list of features below is not exhaustive and Canvas is continuing to build new functionality. Please see Canvas Gradebook documentation for more details.

  • Arrange gradebook columns by assignment name, due date, points possible, or module order
  • Filter assignments by assignment group, module, section, or group
  • Set custom colors for assignment submission and grade status, including late, missing, resubmitted, dropped or excused
  • View or hide unpublished assignments
  • Apply course level Late Submission Policy and Missing Submission Policy
  • Apply a course or assignment level Grade Posting Policy. The default Grade Posting Policy is set to Automatic (scores are visible to students immediately after the scores are entered).
  • Enable a Final Grade Override grade book column
  • Toggle between entering and viewing assignment scores as Points or Percentages
  • Manually adjust submission status to None, Late, Missing, or Excused

Still have questions?

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