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Canvas is Oregon State University's Learning Management System. The New Gradebook in Canvas has nearly all of the old functionality and a lot of new functionality for faculty. The New Gradebook will be deployed in Oregon State University Canvas courses in fall 2019.

New Functionality in New Gradebook

The list of features below is not meant to be exhaustive and Canvas is continuing to build new functionality. However, these are the most significant new features included in the New Gradebook for faculty.

  • Arrange gradebook columns by assignment name, due date, points possible, or module order
  • Filter assignments by assignment group, module, section, or group
  • Set custom colors for assignment submission and grade status, including late, missing, resubmitted, dropped or excused
  • View or hide unpublished assignments
  • Apply course level Late Submission Policy and Missing Submission Policy
  • Apply a course or assignment level Grade Posting Policy. The default Grade Posting Policy is set to Automatic (scores are visible to students immediately after the scores are entered).
  • Enable a Final Grade Override grade book column
  • Toggle between entering and viewing assignment scores as Points or Percentages
  • Manually adjust submission status to None, Late, Missing, or Excused

Old Functionality Missing in New Gradebok

Three features of the old gradebook have been or will be replaced with new Canvas features. The three features, their old functionality and the new Canvas feature that is or will replace them are listed here.

Hide Student Names

In the old gradebook, faculty were able to click on the Options icon in the top right of the gradebook and select the option to hide student names on the Grades page. This has been removed from the New Gradebook. Instead, faculty should leverage the new Anonymous Grading feature developed by Canvas. The Anonymous Grading feature will obscure the associated assignment column on the Grades page and will automatically hide student names in SpeedGrader. 

SpeedGrader will continue to have the ability to hide student names in the SpeedGrader for assignments that do not have the Anonymous Grading feature enabled. The Anonymous Grading feature should not be confused with the also-new Anonymous Instructor Annotations feature in Canvas.

Treat Ungraded as 0

Canvas has removed the ability to treat ungraded assignments as zero and added the ability for faculty to set a course-level Missing Submission policy. The Missing Submission policy will allow faculty to direct Canvas to automatically apply 0% (or other percentage of the assignment points) to missing work. Please note the following:

  • If a submission is received after the due date, the Missing label will be automatically replaced by the Late label. However, any label can be manually removed in the Grade Detail Tray.
  • Setting a Missing Submission policy affects all assignments in a course, including assignments with due dates in the past. To exclude a specific assignment, mark the submission as something other than Missing in the Grade Detail Tray.
  • Applying a missing submission policy will not affect previously graded missing submissions. Therefore, the Missing Submission policy should be set up when a course is created prior to creating assignments.
  • The Missing Submission policy will not affect submissions in closed grading periods or submissions for concluded enrollments.
  • The Missing Submission policy will not be automatically applied to No Submission, On Paper, or External Tool assignments. However, a Missing label can be added in the Grade Detail Tray.

Assignment Details

The old gradebook allowed faculty to view assignment details which included the average, high, and low score and total graded submissions on an assignment. In its place, Canvas has developed New Analytics in Canvas which gives faculty a more interactive and actionable view of course and assignment analytics.

Accessing SpeedGrader

Canvas has removed the link to SpeedGrader from the assignment column header menu in the New Gradebook. To access SpeedGrader, you can use either of the two options:

  • Click the assignment name in the column header to navigate to the assignment overview page, then click SpeedGrader from the right-hand menu.
  • Click any student's grade field in the assignment column in Grades. Click the small icon (rectange with an arrow inside) that appears within the grade field to open the Student Context Card (a flyout panel on the right side of your screen. Click SpeedGrader on the Context Card.

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