Telephone and Voice Services

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Telephone and Voice Services

Telephone and voice services

Cable TV - Add / Change

Add or change cable TV service.

Cable TV - Disconnect

Request cable TV service be disconnected.

Mobile Device - Add / Change

Request mobile phone service or change existing mobile phone service.

Mobile Device - Disconnect

Request the disconnection of an OSU mobile device.

Telecom - Auth Code

Request changes to telecom long distance authorization codes.

Telecom - Data Activation

Request data/Internet service at a location by OSU.

Telecom - Data Billing Change

Request a change in billing for data service.

Telecom - Data Deactivation

Request deactivation of data service.

Telecom - Data Repair

Request a data service repair.

Telecom - Dig Locate

Utilize this service to request investigation of a site before a dig is performed. This is done to ensure the dig will not interfere with OSU networking and telecommunications cables and infrastructure.

Telecom - Directory Change

Request changes to directory information.

Telecom - Name change

Submit information to update our records if a subscriber's name has changed.

Telecom - Other

Request any other telecom requests.

Telecom - Prewire / Rewire

Request pre-wiring or re-wiring telecom service.

Telecom - Remodel

Request telecom support for a remodel.

Telecom - Supplies

Request telecom supplies.

Telecom - Voice - Activation

Submit a request for a new phone / voice activation.

Telecom - Voice - Billing change

Request changes to your OSU Telecom billing configuration.

Telecom - Voice - Disconnect

Submit a request to disconnect voice / phone service.

Telecom - Voice - Enable Soft Phone

Request soft phone access for an OSU number.

Telecom - Voice - Phone Move

Request a move of your phone / voice service.

Telecom - Voice - Phone Repair

Request a phone repair.

Telecom - Voice - Programming Change

Request programming changes to your phone / voice service.

Telecom - Voice - Set Type Change

Request a different phone set type.


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