Request a Canvas Studio Site

Studio sites are a great training platform for OSU faculty, staff, and students. They can also be used for teams who collaborate online and need tools such as Announcements, Surveys, Quizzes, and Discussions. If you simply need to share and edit documents with colleagues, Google Drive, Google Sites, or Office 365 are better options. If your academic unit shares Canvas course files, assignments, lecture slides or even entire course sites with other instructors, take a look at Canvas Commons. This is a repository for sharing and finding learning objects.

With the following exceptions, there is no functional difference between a Canvas studio site and a Canvas course site.

  • Studio site leaders can add and remove users; course teachers cannot add or remove students.
  • Studio sites are not limited to a term; course sites will become 'read-only' after the term ends.

Request a Canvas Studio Site

  1. Log into Canvas at
  2. Click the Account button and then the Settings link in the upper-left corner of the Canvas screen
  3. Click the My Studio Sites link on the upper left side of your Settings page
  4. Click Request a new Studio Site, enter the fields and submit the form. When your request is approved (usually within two business days) you’ll receive an email with a link to your new site

Add Users to the Studio Site

  1. Click the People link on the Studio site’s left-side navigation menu.
  2. Click the "+ People" button in the upper right corner
  3. Click the “Login ID” button
  4. Enter the login ID in the following format: (e.g.,
  5. Select a role (the only difference between a Teacher and a Leader is that a Leader may add others to the site). Typically you will select either Teacher or Student for a Studio site. 
  6. Click Next, then click Done

Modify the Studio Site

  1. Access your list of studio sites by following steps 1-3 for "Request a Canvas Studio Site" (above).
  2. Click the word "Modify" in the row which corresponds to the site you wish to modify. 
  3. To add or remove students:
    • Ensure the correct enrollment option is selected ("Add Students" or "Remove Students")
    • Ensure the correct method is selected ("Manual Entry" or "Upload File")
      1. For Manual Entry, enter the email addresses for all users to be added/removed, separated by commas, with no spaces.  Then click "Submit".
      2. For Upload File, click 'Browse' and select a CSV file with email addresses for all users to be added/removed.  They should be arranged vertically in a single column, and no other information should be present in the file.  Once a file has been selected, click "upload".
      • This process can take some time for very large files, and the session may time out during processing.  If that occurs, check the course enrollments to see if the action failed.  If so, return to the tool and try again, or contact support for further assistance.
  4. To transfer ownership, enter the email address of the new owner and click "Transfer".
    • Only the owner of a site can modify it with this tool.  The initial owner will always be the person who requested the site.
    • After the transfer is complete, the previous owner will still be in the site as a leader.  The new owner will be added as a leader if they were not already enrolled as one.
  5. To delete the site, click on the button labelled "Delete Site".  This action cannot be reversed, and the site data cannot be recovered.  It is strongly recommended that you download an export of the site content before deleting.  You will be asked for confirmation twice to ensure this is not done accidentally.

It is possible for an action to fail due to the session timing out or becoming invalid in some other fashion.  Whenever you experience an unexpected failure, navigate away from the tool and return.  If the action still fails, contact support (as described below).

Still have questions?

If you questions about this topic or related topics, please use one of the following methods to contact the Canvas team at Oregon State:

  • Add a comment/question to this article using the tools below the article
  • Send an email to


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