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This guide applies mostly to undergraduate student employees working for departments supported by Community Network and Cosine.


Student Employee Accounts Overview

OSU undergraduate students used to be provided with an OSU Gmail mailbox only. In order to give student employees access to Exchange email and calendaring, IT support teams had to create a separate student employee ("SE-") account.

As of academic year 2023/2024, all OSU students will be on Exchange email only. Creating a second account is no longer required for Exchange mail and calendar access, but may still be needed by some units.

For student employees who do have an SE account, the login format is:


The username will be the student's ONID username with "se-" prepended to it, e.g. if their ONID username is "beaverb" the student employee will login as CN\se-beaverb or

Important Notes for Supervisors

If a student employee will be handling sensitive information via email, a separate se- account is a good idea. Another alternative is to use a resource mailbox that the student has access to. When the student leaves their position, their access can be removed from the resource mailbox.

Please note that confidential information should not be transmitted via email. (See Data Classifications for a definition of confidential information.)

Here are some additional issues to be aware of with student employee accounts:

  • The accounts do not automatically age out like ONID accounts when the person leaves OSU; the department needs to inform IT to remove the account.
  • If the student forgets their password, they cannot reset it through a self-service process. They have to contact IT.
  • It causes issues with Office 365 sign in and Docusign (see below sections on these topics).
  • It consumes an additional Exchange license.
  • Students with student employee accounts have two entries in the Exchange directory, and two calendars that are not synchronized.
  • If a student employee later becomes a regular employee, the SE account will need to be removed.
  • The student's ONID account will continue to receive work-related emails from the many systems that require ONID login. (See Service Matrix below.)

Password Changes

For student employees with an SE account, the student will need to contact the Service Desk or their IT team to reset a forgotten password. If the student employee knows their current password and needs to change it, see: Change an AD Account (Non-ONID) Password

For student employees who use their ONID account for work, password reset is through the website.

Exchange Email

To request new permissions for a student employee:

  • For departments supported by Community Network (CN) or Cosine, the employee's supervisor should submit the New Employee Setup Form
  • For all other departments, please contact your IT support team

For help accessing Exchange email, see Access Exchange Email

To access a shared mailbox, see Open a Shared Mailbox

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office apps through Microsoft 365 are licensed only for student ONID accounts. For the Microsoft 365 version of Office, students must sign in with their ONID account. This can cause issues if the student's work email access is through an SE account instead of their ONID account; Outlook will try to auto-sign in as the ONID account, and the student will not be able to access shared mailboxes they have permission to through their SE account.

To work around this issue:

  • Student employees can be given access to work resources on their ONID account, which has a license to Exchange email and Microsoft 365 apps
  • IT can uninstall the Microsoft 365 version of Office and install the Enterprise version instead. The Enterprise version can only be installed on OSU-owned and managed computers (not personal devices) and requires that the computer checks in with the OSU network either directly or via VPN at least once every 90 days.

Microsoft Teams and SharePoint

Students are licensed to use Teams and SharePoint only with their ONID account. Student employees must sign into Teams with their account, and supervisors must use the account to chat with them or add them to a team.  

For known issues with student employees and Teams, see:

Microsoft Bookings

Students must sign in to Bookings with their ONID account. 


Students must sign in to Box with their ONID account. Files shared with students must be shared to their ONID email address.

Google Suite

Students must sign in to Google Suite with their ONID account. Files shared with students must be shared to their ONID email address.


Students who use their ONID account for work will not have issues with Docusign.

Students who use an SE account for work and are granted access to a Docusign signing group will have issues. For an explanation and work-around for this issue, see: Docusign - Student Employees Can't Access Docusign Forms Sent to Shared Mailbox

Bridge Training

OSU has two instances of Bridge - the Bridge root account, and the Bridge student subaccount. Student employees may need to access one or the other depending on their situation. For details, see: Student Subaccount and Training

Network Drives

Some student employees will be granted access to department network drives. This access can be granted to the student's ONID account or an SE account. Make sure to sign in with the account that was granted access.

Note that sometimes student employees log into their work computer with their ONID account, but then need to provide a different username and password to access a network drive for work. 

For Community Network and Cosine, student employees are not granted a personal network drive (also known as "home folder" or "P drive").

For steps to access a network drive, see: Access Network Drives

Banner, OnBase

Students who have been granted access to Banner and OnBase will login with their ONID accounts.

Beaver Hub

Students who have been granted access to Beaver Hub to work as employees must use their SE account and login via Salesforce will require multi-factor authentication and gives a few options for it. The easiest method is to download and use the Salesforce Authenticator app.

Matrix of Services for Student Employees

The following is a list of services and which account types can be used to access them. Note that a student employee with a separate SE account will still need to use their ONID account for many services related to their work.

Service ONID Account Student Employee "SE"  Account
OSU computer Yes Yes
Exchange Email Yes Yes Email Alias No, not for undergraduate students Yes
Network Drives Yes Yes
Microsoft Teams Yes No
Microsoft 365, OneDrive, SharePoint Online Yes No
Microsoft Bookings Yes No
Box Yes No
Google Suite Yes No
Docusign Yes No
Bridge Training Yes No
VPN Yes No
Banner, OnBase Yes No
Beaver Hub Yes for student accounts only Yes for employee accounts only


For assistance, contact the Service Desk.


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