Gradescope: Use Gradescope in a Canvas course


  • How do I link a Gradescope course to a Canvas course?
  • How do I sync grades from a Gradescope assignment to Canvas?


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Before pushing grades to Canvas, you'll need to first link your Canvas and Gradescope courses and sync the Canvas roster into Gradescope.  All of the necessary steps are outlined below, and this brief Gradescope introduction video contains the same information.  More information on syncing rosters and grades can be found in the Gradescope help center.

I.  Enable the Gradescope menu link in your Canvas course

  1. First, create a Gradescope account using your ONID email at
  2. Navigate back to Canvas and click Settings in the course menu of the Canvas course you want Gradescope enabled
  3. Click the Navigation tab
  4. Scroll down to bottom of the page and enable the Gradescope menu link
  5. Be sure to click Save (bottom of the page)
  6. Click the Gradescope link in your course menu

II.  Link Gradescope Course to Canvas Course

  1. Click Gradescope in the Canvas course menu 

  1. Select link with a new Gradescope Course to create a new Gradescope course. 

  1. Click Link Course. This will create and link a new Gradescope Course with the Canvas course. 

  1. Review the new Gradescope Course Settings and click Update Course to save your changes. 

III.  Sync the Canvas Roster to Gradescope

  1. Click Gradescope in the Canvas course menu 

  2. Click Roster in the left-hand menu 

  3. Click Sync OSU Canvas Roster in the toolbar at the bottom of the page 

  4. Uncheck the box next to "Let new users know that they were added to the course" to prevent students from being notified.  

  5. Click Sync Roster 

  6. Remember to sync roster periodically during the course add/drop period to make sure your Gradescope roster is up-to-date. If students who dropped the course had submissions in Gradescope, their submissions will still be present in the Gradescope assignments available to the instructors in the Review Grades page. The students who dropped the course will no longer have access to the course after a roster sync. 

IV.  Sync Gradescope Assignment Grades with Canvas

  1. Navigate to your Canvas course and create a new Canvas assignment (or edit current assignment). 

  2. Enter the desired Canvas assignment settings e.g., assignment name, instructions, points possible, and due date.  

  3. Select External Tool as the submission type. 

  4. In the “Enter or find an External Tool URL” dialog box, click Find 

  5. Select Gradescope from the list of tools. Checking “Load this Tool in A New Tab” is optional.  

  6. Review the Canvas assignment settings, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Save

  7. After saving the Canvas assignment, wait for the Gradescope tool to loaded and select link with “A new Gradescope Assignment” and click Link Assignment 

  8. Choose the Gradescope assignment type and click Next in the toolbar at the bottom of the page 

  9. Follow the prompts to complete the Gradescope assignment setup. Use the same name and due date for the Gradescope assignment that you used for the Canvas assignment. 

  10. Click Create Assignment 

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