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Hosting and email

Telephone and voice services

Request changes to telecom long distance authorization codes.

Submit this form to contact the IS Service Desk.
You may also reach us by phone at 541-737-8787 or in person at Milne Computer Center room 201.
Term hours are M-F 8am-7pm and weekends 3pm-7pm.
Break and Summer hours are M-F 8am-5pm.
We will review and respond to your request within those hours.

Other support contacts:
* Canvas Support: Click on "Help" in Canvas for contact info
* Qualtrics: 1-800-340-9194
* WebEx Support: 1-866-229-3239

Submit a request to receive assistance with Canvas at Oregon State University.

Voice and email

Submit information to update our records if a subscriber's name has changed.

Data and servers

Request data/Internet service at a location by OSU.

Request programming changes to your phone / voice service.

Request a move of your phone / voice service.

Submit a request for a new phone / voice activation.

Use this service to book studio time at the Faculty Media Center Studio.

Request an ONID User name change

Request changes to directory information.

Support and service

Data and e-signatures

Accounts and groups

Download and Purchase

Access and connection

Use this form when a user needs to be moved to or from a CN supported department

Enroll in the OSU IT Outages Alert notification system.

Content and publishing

Servers and databases

Contact Kaltura / streaming support